Guns in movie scenes.

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  • 23/09/2021 को प्रकाशित
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    Ah yes the 220 round handgun mag.
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  • Nayann Martinelli

    Gotta respect that cop's endurance; he kept shooting for 4 hours, non-stop, while standing in that shooting stance.

  • • 5 seconds ago • 15 years ago

    "I can shoot infinite ammo from any firearms"

  • Tsundere Fan

    I love how they sent that one cop to stop a robbery and after 4 hours there’s still no reinforcements. Like the police just said “No, He can handle it.”

  • LongBeachGriffy

    Skill Share ! I need that, thanks Caleb :)

  • SmiffyLel

    how caleb hasnt landed a tv/movie role is beyond me. the mans acting/comedic timing is unparalleled

  • Consequence No. 62

    Walking Dead: "We are running out of supplies."

  • Steven He
    Steven He  +12

    "Wait till they start reloading"

  • Dutch Plan Der Linde

    The best part is him not landing a single shot despite having multiple clear shots

  • Alexandre Medeiros

    He's scrolling through every gun in his inventory, it's just that his player model doesn't change.

  • AdamAdeptus

    "I'm hungry!" He yelled desperately, sitting in front of a fridge full of food. 😂


    The cops sent in their best officer. He's got terrible aim, but infinite bullets. Every person he's gone up against surrenders in fear.

  • Visionary
    Visionary  +110


  • Mr Lowkey

    I love how they didn’t even try to shoot back, they just begged him to stop.

  • Anne Onimus

    The way the guy just shoots infinitely without aiming represents how i play perfectly

  • Renxenos

    Caleb should seriously get into professional acting he would be great.

  • Red Guru
    Red Guru  +113

    I actually forgot that the Caleb sitting on the floor and the Caleb hiding behind the wall were the same person lol

  • Matt S
    Matt S  +685

    man caleb really sat there for 4 whole hours. great acting, great endurance

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak  +337

    I could see the bullets flying pass

  • J A.
    J A.  +2

    Infinite ammo, accuracy -100%, and the shots only land and also kill when the plot demands it.

  • {A} random person

    The cop's generic legs spread shooting pose makes it even funnier 😂