How math teachers SWORE you would use some of what they taught IRL.

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  • 29/11/2021 को प्रकाशित

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  • Debo Gaming

    Caleb has such great chemistry with all the other characters

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I'd die right then and there, since the only math I remember from school is "Coolmathgames"

  • Alexander Greene

    The question: “Will we ever use this in real life?”

  • Your very own Silver Play Button

    "Which one do you do first? Addition or multiplicaion?"

  • Sirrevenant


  • Jack Dog
    Jack Dog  +77

    “Addition first or subtraction?”

  • David Noonan

    This is what I imagine the riddler would be doing if there was no batman

  • Lo
    Lo  +562

    No shit I genuinely never thought I'd need to use theoretical maths (I guess you could call it that if it's algebra and shit?) in my life until I was in the workshop.

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak  +410

    I'm so gonna score A with such teacher

  • Heavenly
    Heavenly  +12

    Caleb finally tired of plug channels reuploading is vines so he doing it himself

  • NotRainbow

    I like how he just went

  • Andrew Blanchard

    "Whats the quadratic formula"

  • Keashell

    Finally, a chance to use what I learned in school.

  • yeahalright

    "if 5 people would get 2 pizzas each, how many pizzas would you need?"

  • Chris Katko

    robber : "Oh sh1t, he's one of us! Better let him go!"

  • Temshop
    Temshop  +494

    "Ah crap, he listened to his math class! Gotta bounce!"

  • Roy Silva

    With the thumbnail I thought you would be playing Russian roulette like "I only have 1 bullet in this 20 bullet magazine. So there is only a 5% risk of death, making this safer than a revolver."

  • DrumWild

    A kid in my junior high Algebra class told the teacher, "I'll never use this in my real life."

  • That one dude •-•

    I had a teacher who straight up just told us “you won’t use 90% of this, I’m more a problem solving teacher than a math teacher”

  • Cotard Delusion

    "This will save your life some day"