When the game you're playing is way too hard.

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  • 24/02/2017 को प्रकाशित
  • We all know the feeling of putting hours on top of hours into a game, but still feeling like you're playing as a toothpick.

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  • OneWingedHero
    OneWingedHero साल पहले +11

    It's always hilarious how he literally folds his body when he dies.

  • Chris .Ⓜ️
    Chris .Ⓜ️ साल पहले +2

    "Hey man, here i got you a pizza"

  • Sanjay Patnaik
    Sanjay Patnaik साल पहले +1

    Imagine walking around the street and you see at the corner a man folding himself by looking at chickens with a camera recording him

  • Antonio Mendy

    Looks for something to eat

  • Vega
    Vega साल पहले +3

    I have 3 things to say

  • SotiriGameZ

    Caleb: Gets dust in his nose

  • Garfield
    Garfield 3 साल पहले +12


  • Daenar
    Daenar साल पहले +1

    (moves joint)

  • Malcolm DuBose
    Malcolm DuBose साल पहले +384

    I’ll never understand those games that choose to be more difficult than real life 😂

  • A Person
    A Person  +34

    Coming back to this after all this time, it still doesn’t fail to make me laugh

  • Gary Berger

    I swear the way Caleb folds when he dies is like twelve different types of funny.

  • kys.egowrldツ

    [Breathes oxygen]

  • Ifari Sylvain
    Ifari Sylvain साल पहले +31

    So no one gonna talk about how good the graphics are

  • Gaming fan
    Gaming fan  +150


  • Tayfur
    Tayfur साल पहले +363

    His "AAAAGH" is soo good

  • TheOneAndOnlyLion

    Caleb: pulls out sword

  • MRCdraws
    MRCdraws साल पहले +73

    Imagine how hard he tried to move his character from outside into inside of his house

  • • 5 seconds ago • 15 years ago

    This is so nostalgic, I remember this was the first video that I watched when he was still using that old logo at the end, I never used vine so I discovered him on INclips, and now he has 4m+ subscribers!

  • jaedonk
    jaedonk 2 साल पहले +6


  • JadeGreenKnight
    JadeGreenKnight साल पहले +144

    What gets me is how he literally gets folded by water