Being a REGULAR zombie in Dying Light 2.

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  • 8/02/2022 को प्रकाशित
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  • ATak
    ATak  +42

    A zombie staying fully human concious but incapable of controling his body is legit an amazing and terrifying premise. This sketch got my interest more than most zombie movies.

  • Ajc 7575
    Ajc 7575  +953

    The dude isn’t even in pain, just bewildered at the stupidity of his own corpse

  • Serious X

    I would watch a whole series based on a zombie surviving humans.

  • Resting Ninja

    No control over his body but both human and zombie brains were absolutely astonished at

  • Tato User

    "I-I can't kill a person!"

  • Roberto Blake

    This premise actually would be really interesting as a longer video or short film

  • vteh
    vteh  +12

    "DID HE JUST TAPE A GUN TO A STICK" sounds like all weapon crafting systems in every game

  • Alex K.
    Alex K.  +8


  • Movie Watcher72

    "Is that a gun on a stick?! With a string attached to the trigger?! Y'all just making extra steps!"

  • SwitchUp
    SwitchUp  +194

    “That’s just extra steps, y’all just having fun!”

  • Hector Xavier

    Legit one of the best zombie sketches ever done. Fully conscious and unable to to do anything about it.. terrifying and interesting at the same time.

  • The Parrish Show


  • _
    _  +6

    Having conscience whilst being a zombie without being able to do anything would be a torture

  • The Weava
    The Weava  +617

    The conscious and self-aware zombie was the premise of the movie Warm Bodies. It's probably my favorite zombie movie, bringing something different to the genre.

  • FullMoonOctober

    This...was a theatric masterpiece. The story, the emotion, the way it makes us THINK. Who are the real monsters in a zombie apocalypse? What is it to be human? What the hell was he going to do with that lightbulb changer?? Anyone who watches this will be riddled with these deep questions for hours and days afterwards, I'm certain.

  • BelleDreamer7

    That moment of confidence “it’s dumb body” and then door opens. Well done.

  • viiont eooiy

    There will never be a time when I hear Caleb's patented "AH!" and not laugh.

  • Nik Knight

    the dude who was holding himself up off the roof must have used all his inhibitors on stamina

  • The Unknown

    "Who's the real monster here?" That line with his expression was gold

  • iEnjoyiVideos

    As a guy that's worked in fast-food: those grill scrapers can definitely fuck someone up. Literally feels as solid as a 'weapon' can be. I completely understand why you'd pick that hard, heavy ass thing up.