How fearless minions are in ANY video game.

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  • 11/04/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • Basically how fearless minions are in any tv show, movie, or game LOL
    King Kaiyo - Melodic
    Oddwin - 19

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  • Kamui
    Kamui 2 साल पहले +9

    "None of them are me"

  • The. Jermz.

    The fact that the last guy said " none of them are me" ,implying he is better than his own boss is legendary 🔥

  • Yes
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  • Blaiyan
    Blaiyan  +5

    Sometimes it do be that one henchmen that gets lucky though lol

  • Redninja 007
    Redninja 007 साल पहले +9

    Plot twist: The last guy was actually being trained by the boss, and is stronger than everyone, and gives the player a challenge.

  • alex hodgson

    “put them paws up hami” has got to be one of the greatest lines ever written 😂

  • teetheluchador
    teetheluchador 2 साल पहले +3

    “We created him to kill armies” “but this small elite team of minions with electric guns can definitely kill him”

  • space botany
    space botany साल पहले +2


  • heyitsnighty
    heyitsnighty साल पहले +3


  • Emanuals makes videos

    The echoed screams whenever they die is too good

  • B Dlamini
    B Dlamini साल पहले +1

    This is literally why games where enemies run after they see you slaughtering their homies seen so much more realistic to me

  • turtlechan
    turtlechan  +522

    This is how batman feels when people fight him

  • Poopi Culio
    Poopi Culio 2 साल पहले +16

    Every minion to ever exist :

  • MrSpartanspud
    MrSpartanspud साल पहले +1

    Me: Kills Alduin the World Eater, Slays Lord Harkon, defeats Miraak and frees Solstheim.

  • chris Froat

    Player: Your boss is dead! I killed him with my bare hands!

  • Kab Loom
    Kab Loom  +708

    “DON’T JUST STAAAND THEEERE!!!!” I can’t stop laughing xD

  • TheGodElf
    TheGodElf साल पहले +228

    I love that Caleb still makes sketches in the same kind of Vine style like when he used to make vines. Always makes me laugh

  • Charles Herman
    Charles Herman 28 दिन पहले +15

    I love that the guy in orange just passes out and falls to the ground slowly, a smile still on his face. He was hit so hard that his soul left his body. Caleb is a seriously good actor.

  • Da-K
    Da-K 2 साल पहले +29

    Main protagonist: I literally killed 300 people today.

  • MapTheBiscuit

    I’ve always loved how accurate this is, in the miles morales spider-man game one enemy will literally say “that guy was a loser, I’m not” the confidence is astounding