The friend thats OVERLY hospitable when you're sleeping at their house

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  • 2/08/2021 को प्रकाशित
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    Oddwin - 19

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  • Knight Shina

    I love how the videos start off all normal, and then out of nowhere people are teleporting and it very rapidly descends into madness.

  • XRP Ephraim

    Dead ass though, people who are like this are just extremely happy to have company over and they want people to always come back with a smile on their face

  • henrypedraza

    I'd rather the friend who's overly hospitable than the friend who forgets to give me a blanket at night and having to use their pillows for warmth

  • Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato

    Sponsored by Google. Not sure if it gets much bigger than that.

  • Snowmoe25

    I love being a host. Having felt unwelcome in my own home when I was younger, it matters a lot to me to have a place where everyone feel welcome, so that no one has to feel like I did.

  • Steven He

    "Like literally google themselves"

  • tsubisho

    plot twist: his friend gave him the deed to his house to escape his overwhelming debt

  • Afreen
    Afreen  +3

    The way he LEAPS outta that door looks so cartoonishly hilarious I played it multiple times over lololol

  • Brutal Carnage

    he's actually really smart giving away his deed because now he has to crash at another mate's house who lives in a much bigger place... and the cycle continues

  • Brian Williams

    "I did your taxes, so you ain't gotta worry about that no more."

  • candiigurl7893

    "How did you get outside"

  • TouchMe-SAMA

    “How’d you get outside” 😂

  • Gregorio Spiridakis

    This is literally me because I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable when I’m awkward af

  • Rojo TrueShinobi

    Next is the friend that’s OVERLY polite when he comes over 😂

  • D C
    D C  +2

    The subtle reveal of “The Literal Deed To The House” was freaking brilliant.

  • Oliver
    Oliver  +137

    More accurately, this is exactly the behaviour of the Mother of the friend who's house you're staying at

  • X
    X  +963

    How his friend jumped out the front door after giving the deeds of his house to his friend was amazing! If you dont want the house man I’ll gladly accept it sense I dont have one.

  • SMBShippuden4

    He's literally the only INclipsr that sponsors things people would actually have an interest in.

  • Royal S
    Royal S  +1

    We need people like this even though if it may be annoying 😂

  • KO Manic
    KO Manic  +920

    The reason this guy is sponsered by Google is that they know this guy never misses.