How they show strong swordsman in anime.

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  • 17/04/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • "Oh yea he practiced his technique everyday and can now destroy the planet"
    Oddwin - 19

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  • Ice God
    Ice God साल पहले +23

    When the animators don't get paid enough for a fight scene

  • Lowkey Lokii

    Caleb has such great chemistry with all the other characters on set

  • Pixelcraftian

    Imagine filming yourself with multiple cameras just to stand. That's how I imagine this video behind the scenes lmao

  • Biscuit Face7

    rule number 1 of being a master swordsman: when you slash an enemy there should be no visible damage until your sword has been resheathed

  • Bagel Penguin 64

    I just realized the reason they do this is to not animate the fight scenes lmao.

  • Alex
    Alex  +1

    “How do they see themselves”

  • Glarses
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  • Flynn Taggart

    why tf is nobody talking about how in the end that one dude was like "hey im here for the interview"

  • I am trash compared to the guy Im replying to, but

    His smile when he was retrieving his sword was like if he was saying: OK I see you…

  • KingChiggy

    This is basically Gohan standing on the sidelines of the Cell Games telling everyone what is going on because none of them can see shit lol

  • Jinx
    Jinx  +2

    Since Caleb has proved there are multiple realities, that means there’s one where he actually had the interview and got hired.

  • AetherRune
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  • Bxrry
    Bxrry साल पहले +38

    then there's killer bee holding 12 swords at once

  • Timcanny324
    Timcanny324 साल पहले +928

    How dragon ball fights look to a normal earthling in the show.

  • THE Nerdy Ninja
    THE Nerdy Ninja साल पहले +601

    I like how the bearded dude goes from chill master to hype fan

  • The Man In The Stars

    i like the fact that the sensei was able to feel the realitys being destroy/cut, but the disciple wasn't.

  • Weather Report


  • Jad
    Jad  +93

    Animator reads the script

  • flaetsbnort
    flaetsbnort साल पहले +15

    "I don't mean to alarm you, but the air you're breathing right now is 87% swordsman"

  • SharkokSargent