Getting a tour from the one that named all of the ship areas.

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  • 4/02/2022 को प्रकाशित

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  • Golden Egg Sandwich

    Caleb gets a text later

  • PlazmaPug87

    “John, why’d you name it the poop deck?”

  • ZigZagHyena

    Ain't every day you get an actual shitpost.

  • Cat Zlatan

    "John why'd you name it the poop deck?"

  • Cyclone Ninja

    John's origin story is building up...i see what youre doing there Caleb.

  • DC Verse

    When I heard the name “John”, I already knew this was gonna crazy

  • JDe
    JDe  +5

    That is the look of a man who's lived through some things...

  • Ms. Datzky

    John's just pulling another one of his wacky pranks

  • KamiHD
    KamiHD  +1

    "Why'd you name it the poop deck"

  • kmlkmljkl

    "The name originates from the French word for stern, la poupe" ... of course it's because of some mixed language bull shit

  • Jvshh V The Wrld

    The moment he asked the question, I knew where it was going, but when he started pulling his pants down, I lost it😭😭

  • Dan E
    Dan E  +526

    Caleb: Why you name this spot the poop deck?

    PROCTOR 4  +94

    "Prank him, John!"

  • Mogale Boikanyo

    I'm in literal tears. This laugh was needed 🤣🤣 why's it that every time Caleb yells/screams it's Hella funny

  • Peanutbutterjellysandwich

    “Why you name it the poop deck?”

  • C C
    C C  +207

    Plot Twist: John is the brother of Jeremy, the one who cut Caleb's hot dog in half longways.

  • Jaylen Harris

    The freaking music kicking in did it for me.🤣

  • James Ethan

    John has been waiting years for someone to ask that question

  • MCNinja 84chips

    been waiting for the drop less go caleb you the best

  • r
    r  +53

    When you hear that weird ominous music you know it's about to go down😭😂