How some shows try to make the VILLAIN the friend.

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  • 17/03/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • "Don't worry about all the crimes now, he's my friend" neck ahh.
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  • Ashwin Selvakumar

    The writers like him is the second most believable reason for redeeming a villain. The 1st being "he came in the top 3 in the character popularity poll"

  • AleJJtheNinja

    "You are now,

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon  +6

    after learning that the protagonist also had a bad childhood, the villain says "maybe we're not so different". but that actually goes to show that they're SUPER different. the protagonist suffered just as much but didnt resort to evil and hurting others and still became a good guy, while the villain did the exact opposite. lol

  • Zac Chapman

    “And put him in the hospital for weeks-HE CUT OFF MY FOOT”

  • Foxツ
    Foxツ  +8

    Zuko is probably one of the only characters I've seen change properly with proper reasoning, redemption and accountability for his actions. 🦔❄

  • Seguren
    Seguren  +5

    Also, when they're a villain, they're super powerful and intimidating. But the moment they join the good guys they become much weaker and lose some of their best abilities.

  • bleh
    bleh  +1

    I honestly like how the Villian was hiding a smirk when one of the protagonists mentioned their turtle

  • Joe Kelsoe II

    The editing and acting is so good that I was worried for a second that Caleb was being careless filming a sequence with an unsheathed point so close to Caleb's chest.

  • Jonsku 666
    Jonsku 666  +812

    "He's a fan favorite, ok? We can't afford losing his appeal to the audience by removing him from the story and character pool through death"

  • Sixhuts
    Sixhuts  +1

    I feel like Caleb could be a professional script writer for big screen movies, but he just gives that one character a reality check to make every single episode relatable

  • Zachary
    Zachary  +397

    Similar trope that I hate:

  • GamingNate006

    Always that villain everyone either agrees with or hopes they become good.

  • Montesama314

    "We're not so different."

  • Nayann Martinelli

    Caleb's villain voice is just perfect, he nails the condescending superiority most anime and cartoon villains have.

  • General Alduin
    General Alduin 21 दिन पहले +29

    Love how the sidekick immediately changed his tune when he found out the writer liked the villain.

  • Victor E.
    Victor E.  +360

    Caleb is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs.

  • ThrallFan
    ThrallFan  +104

    Season 1: "Fool! I am going to genocide the entire human race using this new weapon that I developed from experimenting on children"

  • ExactlySandwich

    "He's a villain! Why would you wanna trust him?"

  • Montesama314

    "He just needed someone to talk to, that's it."